Hardin Valley Academy Junior Varsity Winter Guard Show Announcement

From a Hardin Valley Academy Junior Varsity Press Release:

Throughout history, stone figurines have been present in our lives for reasons of both adoration and memorializing moments of history. Artistic visionaries such as Rodin, Michelangelo and Donatello captured natural human beauty and preserved it into stone, inspiring much of the modern stone sculptures and fountains that we see today. In their 2023 production, the Hardin Valley Academy JV Winter Guard takes their audience on an adventure through a mystical night at a stone fountain. Under the night sky, it may seem as though everything has magically come to life.

The Hardin Valley Academy JV Winter Guard is proud to present their 2023 Production, “The Fountain at Sunrise”

The Hardin Valley Academy JV Winter Guard is under the direction of CJ McCrory. Staff includes Kelly Laws, Katie Perry, Zoe Abraham, Julia Fay, and Tim Hudnall, assisted by band directors Alex Rector and Chuck Brock. Visual Design for our 2023 Production provided by CJ McCrory and produced by McCormicks. Prop design and construction by Chris Smith, Ken Hargett and the HVA Band Boosters Association. 

HVA JV Winter Guard is a member of East Tennessee Performing Arts Association competing in Scholastic A, with plans to attend WGI Regionals in Knoxville & Atlanta.