Waitlist Info

Definition and Process

If a regional is closed for any reason other than the Entry Deadline Date having lapsed, then your group will be placed on a wait list. You will maintain the postmark date received during entry. The entry fee is still due by the payment due date.

If an opening for the event becomes available due to a group pulling or by WGI determining that additional groups can be accepted, the next group in line based on postmark date is offered the opening. If for instance you are third on the wait list, two groups with earlier postmarks must be offered into the show before your group will be entered. (Note: the waitlist is in alphabetical order and listing by postmark date is not publicized). The exception would be a group where the event is their qualifier for World Championships, and then this group would take precedence.

If an opening becomes available and your group is next in line, you will be contacted via email asking if you would like to be entered into the show. At this point you can request to either be entered into the show or removed from the wait list and receive a refund for your entry fee. If by the entry deadline date (five weeks prior to the event) an opening has not occurred, you will be notified by email that the event is closed and the wait list has been dissolved. The entry fee will then be refunded.

At any point, you can request to be removed from the wait list and receive a refund for your entry fee or transfer to an open event and not incur the transfer fee.