World Championships Registration Info

The following must be satisfied in order for a group to compete at Championships:

Policy – 5.4 Eligibility

All groups must attend a Regional Contest if their hometown is within 400 miles of any regional in order to be eligible to enter. This requirement will be waived for any ensembles from outside North America or any Winds group having a conflict with a school district concert/festival.  Groups beyond a 400-mile radius of any Regional and/or those outside North America must submit a visual recording for classification purposes no later than March 15th. The Director of Color Guard, Director of Percussion and/or Director of Winds will have final approval of any exemption to this policy. 

The Entry Deadline Date for World Championships for all divisions is March 1st. (Note: see REGIONALS for event pricing)

Groups Attending World Championships will receive passes for all performing members plus ten staff passes for all preliminaries, semi-finals, A class finals and Open Class finals.

As you make your checklist for World Championships, you will want to check out the World Championships tab per division. This will provide you with various resources to assist you with your planning. Reserving Practice space and Non-finalist Backside seat information will be provided to those groups attending World Championships when available.

Color Guard Regional A groups do not qualify to compete at World Championships.