Glossary of Terms

Advisory Board Member – Membership is available to all organizations in the color guard, percussion and winds ensemble community based on achievement at World Championships. Those organizations that achieve Advisory Board membership shall have the responsibility of defining the adjudication and competitive attributes of WGI Sport of the Arts and electing representative to the Board of Directors. (See WGI Policy Manual: Color Guard Section 1.1, Percussion Section 2.1 and Winds Section 3.1)

Arrangement Permission – Percussion and Winds groups are responsible for securing Permission to Arrange for each selection included in their program, but submitting this documentation to WGI is no longer required.

Board of Directors – The Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from the Color Guard and Percussion Advisory Boards and Directors-At-Large and is legally and financially responsible for the conduct of WGI Sport of the Arts. The Board of Directors is empowered to exercise the management of the business and affairs of the Corporation. Notice of any action taken by the Board of Directors shall be communicated to the community as soon as possible and appropriate thereafter. (See WGI Bylaws Article 3.1)

CompetitionSuite – A website which provides delivery of Judge Commentary files. WGI will no longer be using MP3 Players/Thumb Drives to download Judges Commentary.

Director – The person whose name is to be announced during performance at WGI Events.

Division Class – The class the group will be competing in: A, Open, World, Regional A or Junior (virtual only).

• Regional A Class – Novice programs and performers.

• A Class – Beginning programs and performers.

• Open Class – The intermediate developmental level of performers.

• World Class – The most advanced programs and performers.

Division Subtype – Independent or Scholastic. Scholastic is represented by those whose membership comes from the SAME High School or a school that feeds to that particular High School. Independent is represented by those whose members are not necessarily associated with a particular school. Can be associated with a university.

Division Type – Color Guard, Percussion or Winds.

Event transfer – Any group registered for a WGI Event that is unable to attend has the option to transfer to another event. There is a $100 transfer fee along with any additional difference in the event entry fee. **For example if your group is currently entered into a 1 day event and would like to transfer to a 2 day event, your group would have to pay the additional entry fees plus the event transfer fee to complete the transfer of events. See the Events Transfer Form:

Financial Contact – The financial contact will also receive all correspondence from WGI. The financial contact can also register for events or anything financial.

Group Circuit – The name of the local circuit that the group is affiliated with.

Group City – The city where the group is located.

Group Country – The country where the group is located

Group Name – . The name of the Group. If the group is scholastic, it must be the official school name. For combined groups, must compete using the school district name only. In certain circumstances, we may use a high school name rather than the district. In these cases, “combined schools” will be added as the official name of the group

Group State – The state/province/region where the group is located.

Group Website – This is the website for the group if one is available.

Hall of Fame – Known as the organization’s most prestigious honor, the WGI Hall of Fame was formed in 1992 to recognize individuals in the indoor color guard and percussion ensemble activities whose extraordinary efforts and accomplishments have enhanced the WGI organization, broadened the activities’ appeal and whose lives and accomplishments will serve to inspire, educate and be a role model for all those who participate in WGI Sport of the Arts. (See WGI Policy Manual section 8.1)

Insurance – All Independent Ensembles must provide proof of insurance to the WGI office prior to competing. A Certificate of Insurance showing $1,000,000 General Liability coverage and Accident Medical coverage (suggested limit of $5,000 but can be less) along with the ensemble name on the policy are required. The insurance certificate must reflect the specific Independent Group Name.

Marching Members – The number of members that will be performing on the floor at a WGI event. ONLY those who are on the floor are counted.  Located on Competition Suite.

Master Agreement – All groups competing with WGI must complete the Master Agreement.  The “Master Agreement” must be signed by your principal or superintendent if your group is scholastic, or an officer of an independent group or an employee of the university.

Non-finalist tickets – Groups registered for World Championships events can purchased discounted backside seat tickets.

Performer Release Forms – Each member in every ensemble are required to submit a Performer Release Form.

  • To access the Performer Release forms, log into the Director’s Only website, select your group and then click Performer Release.
  • Once you have all the forms back from your group members – please upload into a PDF (or several PDFs) and upload those.
  • Upload all forms on the Director’s Dashboard under the DOCUMENTS UPLOAD tab.

PLUS Pass – Available for all Events. This pass provides 5 additional passes for standard regionals and 7 additional passes for all prelim and semi-final at Power Regionals and World Championship events.

Postmark Date — The date the event registration was completed. Postmarks are used when assigning prelims performance times. (See WGI Policy Manual Section 4.110)

Power Regional Events – A series of power regional events providing expanded performance opportunities as well as added services for participating groups. The goal is to offer greater service and an elevated experience to nationally competitive color guards, percussion and winds ensembles while allowing local groups to discover WGI in a unique and large-scale event.

          • Each Power Regional Event will occur the final weeks of the WGI competitive calendar. Approaching each event as a “mini-world championship”, groups can expect the same attention to detail that has made the Dayton events recognized as one of the best-managed marching arts events in the world.
          • Regional A’s are not eligible to compete at Power Regional Events or World Championships.

          Primary Contact – The primary contact is the main contact for the group who handles all the business for the organization. The primary contact will receive all updates from WGI, have access to the directors only website and when action is necessary, will be the contact that will have the ability to handle the action. (i.e. register for events, sign up for practice, etc.)

          Processing Fee – A Processing Fee of $100 will be assessed during the first Event Registration for the season. (Note: this fee is a one-time only per season fee.)

          Scholarships – Each group registered to compete at World Championships may nominate one competing member for a WGI Sport of the Arts scholarships. Scholarship winners are announced at World Championships.

          Secondary Contact – The secondary contact will receive updates from WGI and have access to the directors only website. However, the secondary contact has limited ability to make changes and adjustments and cannot do anything financial.  

          Show Title – The title the group has given their show for the given season.

          Song Selection – Color Guard groups attending a WGI Sport of the Arts event are required to submit a list of songs to the WGI office. From the directors only website you will see a Song Selection tab. Here you will list for each song used the following: Song Title, Composer, Copyright Owner, Publisher/Arranger, Length Used, CD Title, Artist and Licensing Organization. Percussion and Winds groups are required to complete the Repertoire Submission Form and secure licensing .

          Spiel Sheet – The Spiel Sheet is used to announce your group at WGI Events. The Spiel Sheet is generated from the following information entered in Competition Suite: Director’s Name; Unit City; Unit State; Show Title.  If it is not updated only the group name, city and state will be announced at the event.

          Steering Committees – Provide active leadership in the direction of the Color Guard, Percussion and Winds active and the creation of its philosophy and scoring. Continually enhance and promote the activity. (See WGI Policy Manual: Color Guard Section 1.2, Percussion Section 2.2 and Winds Section 3.2)

          Tie Breaker # – A number is automatically generated by CompetitionSuite at World Championship for the purpose of breaking any ties in prelims and semi-finals. The lower the number will break the tie for seeding purposes only.

          Username/Password – Assigned by WGI and used to access the Director’s Only portion of the website.

          Wait-list – Events may close when reaching the maximum number of entries as dictated by the schedule. Color Guard, Percussion and Winds ensembles may be placed on a “wait-list”. If a group pulls from the event prior to the entry deadline date, the first group on the wait –list is given the opportunity to enter the event. Once the entry deadline has passed the wait-list is dissolved and the contest is closed to any further entries.To access the Master Agreement, log into the Director’s Only website, select your group and then click Master Agreement.