Master Agreement

WGI has updated its policies towards Participant Protection through a strengthened Code of Conduct. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to read the statement here. A centerpiece of formalizing these policies is the creation of a Participating Group Master Agreement required of each group attending a WGI event.

Previously, legal acknowledgements were incorporated into the event registration process. Depending on your classification (scholastic or independent) points such as scholastic eligibility(Scholastic Letter), insurance, and copyright are now incorporated into this new comprehensive document.

The “Master Agreement” must be signed by your principal or superintendent if your group is scholastic, or an officer if an independent group.

Effective immediately, groups that do not have their Participating Groups Master Agreement on file will not be allowed to compete at any WGI event with no exceptions. The deadline to submit your master agreement will be the entry deadline or five weeks before the date of your first event. If WGI does not have your agreement on file by that date, your group will not be put on the schedule for the registered event.

To access the Master Agreement (for Scholastic groups it includes the Scholastic Letter), log into the Director’s Only website, select your group and then click Master Agreement.

Scholastic Eligibility: Definitions of eligibility to compete in the scholastic classes are classified as single school or combined schools according to the definitions below.

Single School:

All performers attend the same school. Performers may also attend a Middle School that feeds into the high school.

Combined Schools:

The purpose of this exception is to encourage smaller districts to combine students to create a program, not for larger districts to create multiple programs.

Scholastic ensembles may combine students from multiple high schools within their district provided the group competes under the name of a single school or the school district name. Groups may not combine names or use any other fictional name. Combined schools ensembles may only use students that are in their district and/or homeschooled students that would be zoned for those schools.

The WGI provided Scholastic Eligibility Certification Letters must be signed by the principal of each school involved, and the “Master Agreement” document is to be signed by the District Superintendent.

Upload all documentation (principle letters and Master Agreement) in one attachment on the Director’s Dashboard under the DOCUMENTS UPLOAD tab.

Have questions about the WGI Master Agreement?
Please visit the Participating Group Master Agreement (PGMA) FAQ for more information.